About US

Since 1992, Maharlika Cultural Troupe, Inc. has been a cultural institution where youth can interact, learn, and create meaningful memories in a safe, productive, nurturing environment. We help develop youths’ personalities, social skills, and talents in performing arts while preserving our Filipino heritage. Maharlika families build enduring relationships by caring for one another, showing proper respect and integrity, and valuing individual differences. We uniquely foster leadership which is exemplified in our 6 youth board members. Maharlika provides mentors and role models of maturity, responsibility, respect, and appropriate conduct by practicing communication, team spirit, and honesty.

Activities at a typical Maharlika workshop include learning folk dancing, Filipino cuisine, music, Tagalog and other Filipino languages, and the many old customs and traditions of the Philippines to share with our community.  Maharlika aims to promote cultural awareness, racial harmony, and family values in our daily lives. Maharlika is an outlet and arena for creative expression, communication, sharing, and appreciation of youth talents.

Goal: Competently demonstrate basic dance steps as well as the dance(s); understand the meaning and significance of each dance as well as the region of the Philippines where the dances derived; verbthe names of each dance as well as dance steps; know what cultural attire is worn with each dance.  Students showing competency in these objectives will be able to perform at social gatherings.  We all learn, teach, and share our Filipino culture to develope one another’s talents.

HistoryThe Maharlika Cultural Troupe of Martinez, CA started in February 1992 when Tito Rudy Bautista began teaching folk dances to some boys and girls as entertainment in a prayer group fiesta. The mere entertainment turned out to be a discovery of hidden talents. From there came the idea of formally creating a cultural youth group, with the help of the parents and the community.  The main objective is to help young men and women learn about the cultural traditions of their parents, share with the community and give them lasting, beautiful memories of how they spent their teen days, to be shared with their own families in the future.

Program & Activities: There is no minimum or maximum age to join Maharlika.  If a youth is still very young, we ask that a parent or older sibling stay with the young youth until he or she is adequately independent.

Every Sunday from 1-3 p.m. at First Christian Church of Pleasant Hill where Maharlika offers educational workshops on Filipino cooking with Ate Cassie Dizon, Filipino-Tagalog with Tita Sonia Santos, singing with Tito Efrain Salvosa, and guest teachers such as Tito Bernardo Pedere, Tita Helen Cuya, Tito Bobby Barlaan, and Ate Alverna Bautista teach youth about Philippine geography, history, music, and of course, traditional Filipino folk dancing.

For more information on our workshops, please contact [email protected]